• Ever-present feelings of isolation, loneliness & separation,

  • Diminished sense of purpose & vision for life,

  • Lack of passion, lower energy; physical pain & other health problems,

  • Denial of the aging process itself, with chronic feelings of fear & anxiety,

  • Unresolved emotional baggage & incomplete relationships from the past,

  • Confusion around making a meaningful contribution to the world, and

  • Lack of spiritual guidance specifically for your later years.

“A human being would certainly not grow to be seventy or eighty years old if this longevity had no meaning for the species to which he belongs.”

– Carl Jung

My Approach ~ The Emerging Elder Process
I offer my personal support to you who are entering the final third of your life.
The Emerging Elder Process will sustain you in resolving your unfinished business, encouraging self-acceptance and compassion. And it will support you in making maximum use of this crucial time of life, to take one last courageous step forward in your personal evolution.
The Emerging Elder Process is conceived as a collective endeavour that serves your personal purpose of continuing evolution. You can learn to see, increase capacities and participate in your own growth. My intention is to support you on the path of emerging eldership.
The Emerging Elder Process is an opportunity for gathering together at a critical time in our individual personal journeys, at a time of extraordinary fertility. I invite you into fellowship with other mature travellers to find out what deeply matters to you, discovering and sharing what you really care about in this next phase of life, as you prepare to become an Ancestor.
Our process together will be focused on activities that accelerate the process of becoming. Weekly meeting classes, day-long or multi-day workshops and retreats are offered, either online or in presence. These events are followed by regularly meeting practice groups. The fruit of this work can be the joy and confidence that comes from knowing your new calling, while identifying and celebrating the gifts of your life, in fellowship. This is the process of collective becoming and individual continuing development, even in these twilight years; it is not too late. Not yet.

  • Group Coaching: Via telephone and computer on a pre-scheduled frequency. Being a member of a coaching group involves less financial outlay and enables you to share experiences and support others on the path to elderhood. The coaching group may be convened around a specific topic, or arise as a practice group following one of our events, retreats or workshops.
  • Coaching for Individuals: Available by telephone or in-person, with frequency of sessions agreed upon after an initial no-charge discovery session. My work with you individually will be intuitive, respectful, gentle yet assertive. As your coach, my role is not to provide you with answers. Rather, I will help you attune to your own wisdom and intuition, so that your answers will come from you. Most clients choose to have coaching sessions every two weeks or once per month, for a set length of time. When this series is complete, we would evaluate and decide together the next step. Coaching can be especially useful in helping to integrate one’s experiences after a retreat or workshop. I offer a coaching fee reduction for those who commit to coaching after participating in one of our retreats or workshops.
  • Events and Classes: Events will include retreats, workshops, seminars, and presentations, followed by dialogue and inquiry. As part of this group process you will identify specific, tangible actions to take in-between sessions and the group will help you hold yourself accountable for honoring your commitments to your growth.
  • Directed Studies: An opportunity in which you choose to practice a process, explore a body of knowledge, or meet a creative challenge over a fixed period of time, including weekly meetings for guidance and dialogue.
  • Deepening: The life-long process of emerging as ‘elder’ is further enhanced by other integrated activities, practices and experiences. Personal capacity-building practices strengthening your readiness for companionship, mentoring, service and continuing evolution. Benefits of this supportive work can include the release of emotional blockages, supported risk-taking and long-delayed shadow work. Such enrichment is greatly deepened when carried out within a online ‘practice group’ or in presence, and will serve to transform transient states into more integrated and stable developmental levels. Having the support of the Emerging Elder Process during these intensive experiences and after increases their potency many-fold.

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