Beloved Emerging Elder, you have passed through so much:


Success and failure, triumph and disaster, love and loneliness.


And you are aging. It happens to all of us.


No-one can escape this; accepting it can be very difficult.


What if you could become extraordinarily vital and alive, more so than ever before?


Contribute more deeply, participate more fully in all aspects of life?


Welcome to the evolutionary challenge of the emerging elder.



As you entered your sixth decade, a potent desire for development and evolution came alive again. In earlier years, you might have made the honourable decision to put aside this longing for personal development and evolution, instead focusing on career, family and education, yet here is the desire, back with even greater force. You have lived a full and vibrant life and you want to leave a true legacy that will benefit generations to come. Perhaps this is a crossroad in your life and you feel time is running out. It is not too late to answer the call of the heart. It is not too late.

Our work together will sustain you in resolving your unfinished business. The work will encourage self-acceptance and compassion. And it will support you in making maximum use of this crucial time of life, to take a courageous step forward in your personal evolution.
Elderhood is the most potent yet difficult time for accelerated personal evolution and growth. Based on your unique lived experience, I can help you to create a legacy of awakened compassionate wisdom. I invite you into fellowship with other mature travellers to find out what deeply matters, discovering and sharing what you really care about in this next phase of life.
Join this emerging eldership community, because you are needed by all of us, but most importantly, by yourself.
Can we talk?



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